At Lyseon we are proud to offer a real global footprint. This covers all areas of production such as Prototypes, Small serial production, mass production, Special developments, new technology research, etc..

Please count on us to support you at any of our available regions like Asia, Europe or the USA.


26,000 square meters
Capable of small, medium and large Cold stamping, Hot stamping, Welding, Assemply, 2D & 3D Laser cutting, KTL painting and more.

With experience in mass production of 100% EV Bus, Trucks & Car components. complex assemblies and battery cases. We specialize ourselves in mass production, Short run productions and prototypes.

If you are looking for a reliable production in the US, please come visit us. We would love to give you a tour of our facility

  • 1110 W Tenkiller Rd, Catoosa, OK 74015,USA



  • H1O Hirakawacho 804 1-6-4 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093


Together with our mother company Topia, we can offer world leading prototype services on most advance technologies and Short run + full mass production for Japan and Asia.

We have a decidated Carbon fiber plant, producing world class carbon fiber parts with extream complexity and high quality. Our state of the art technologies are currently used at top level racing championships, such a MOTO GP and other competitions.

  • 1477-1 Ichinomiya-cho, Suzuka-shi, Mie Pref. 513-0031, Japan


We have multy country facilities inside the EU. Starting from Spain & Portugal being our 2 main EU plants, to all the way to Germany, Poland and some other regions covering main European countries thanks to Lyseon partners.

We are proud to offer full mass production & prototype services on a varaiety of technologies.

Contact us to know more.